本實驗室的研究主題是胞器組裝與生理適應維持的分子機制。我們以真核模式生物單胞藻衣藻 Chlamydomonas 與纖毛蟲四膜蟲 Tetrahymena 為材料,運用遺傳學、生物化學、與功能性基因體等研究策略,探討纖毛鞭毛的分子細胞生物學與人類纖毛遺傳疾病之間的關聯,以及水生單細胞生物面對逆境的生理調適。

We are interested in the molecular mechanism of organelle assembly/maintenance in eukaryotic cells and the cellular response to stress conditions. We use unicellular eukaryotic model organisms diflagellated green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and ciliated protozoa Tetrahymena thermophila to study molecular cell biology of cilia and flagella and molecular physiology of the stress response in aquatic eukaryotic microorganisms.

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